Complete Checkups

We conduct a comprehensive dental exam for existing and new patients. These exams allow us to keep track of your dental health and for the timely detection of any problems so treatment can be administered immediately. It is recommended that you visit us for a dental checkup every six months.

At a regular dental exam, we will examine your teeth and mouth for any signs of gum disease and tooth decay. The tooth surfaces are checked using special dental instruments. We will also check any existing restorations such as sealants, crowns, fillings, veneers etc. for signs of wear and tear and advise upon any needed replacements or repairs.

Oral Cancer Screening

Regular dental exams at Zen Dental also include a comprehensive screening for oral cancer. We will check your lips, tongue, gums, throat and oral tissues for any signs of abnormalities.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Also known as prophylaxis, a professional dental cleaning performed at our office is a great way to deeply cleanse the mouth. We make use of special dental instruments to scrape off any hardened plaque (calculus or tartar) from the tooth surface, and from above and below the gum line. Then, the teeth are polished to remove surface stains and any remaining plaque. Professional cleanings help to clean the hidden areas of the mouth and are a great way to get rid of bad breath and keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Digital X-Rays

We make use of digital radiography to detect any hidden problems within your oral structures. These make use of an electronic sensor and a computer. They can be instantly viewed on a screen. The advantage of digital X-rays is that they are quicker and much safer as they emit much less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Schedule your dental checkup with oral care experts at the offices of Zen Dental. You can call us to book your appointment.