Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are dental appliances worn over the teeth to prevent injury, jaw problems and tooth wear. A custom dental mouth guard is an important appliance for both children and adults who play contact sports, or have the problem of clenching and grinding their teeth while sleeping.

Custom mouth guards offer a superior level of protection and comfort as compared to store-bought alternatives. Unlike standard, over-the-counter mouth guards, they are made for an exact fit by taking impressions of your teeth and are crafted using high quality, lightweight materials so they do not interfere with your normal speaking or breathing.

Wearing a mouth guard while playing contact sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, wrestling, football, lacrosse, soccer, hockey etc. protects the teeth and jaw from impact and prevents structural damage. Wearing a mouth guard also decreases the risk of lacerations to your tongue, cheeks and lips.

For those who suffer from bruxism (the habit of grinding one’s teeth while sleeping), wearing a nighttime mouth guard can prevent wear and tear on the teeth.

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