Superior Dental Lab Services for Custom Mouthguards and Bite Splints, Sandy Springs

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Bite splints and customized mouthguards are capable of making all the difference in the world of people who have problems of bruxism and teeth grinding. They can together alleviate pain and also prevent further destruction of your beautiful smile. Mouthguards can help prevent trauma and other dental problems because of fractures and other dental injuries, especially for people involved in sports/ people who are athletes.

Bite splints are of two kinds- hard as well as soft. The soft bite splints are designed to cater to the needs of damages and pains of bruxism and teeth clenching. It is the fairly common among many people and also prescribed widely. The fit and the comfort this provides is exceptional and is available in different shades at the best dentist in Sandy Springs.

The hard bite splints mouthguards are durable and can easily bond with the teeth because of their acrylic material. The material can fit and be retained to your teeth. The hard bite splints mouthguards are fabricated out of co-polyester and BPA-free discs which make sure that they are ideal for the people who are allergic to other dental prosthetics but are still looking for something to help them. This is a proactive step to achieve a healthy smile for athletes.

Who can get these Mouthguards and Bite Splints?

Ideal candidates for mouthguards and the bite splints are the people who are at a risk of all kinds of dental injuries, no matter what the cause. In most cases, such people are going to rely on mouthguards for their smile protections. People who are into sports- basketball, football, and soccer would want to opt for mouthguards. Whereas, other adults and children who have teeth grinding issues, and the ones who tend to clench their teeth during the night. These people can benefit the most from bite splints and maintain their healthy smiles.

The best dentist in Sandy Springs provides mouthguards and bite splints to treat not just teeth grinding and bruxism issues, but also TMJ issues and sleep apnea.

What can you expect from Mouthguards and bite splints?

Your dental care provider is going to take impressions of your dental arches, both from the top and the bottom.
The impressions taken will be sent to a custom dental lab to produce your custom mouthguards and bite splints.
Once prepared, the best dentist in Sandy Springs is going to call you for fittings. They will help fit the mouthguards to your mouth and will make adjustments, as required.
Once everything is done, and your mouthguards and bite splints fit you completely, your dental care provider is going to instruct you on the best ways to take care of them.

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